This Sustainable Swimwear Line is Everything Your Inner Eco Mermaid Needs

Summer is HERE, baby -- and you know what that means: coconut oil, campfires, and pina coladas (mmm-mmmmm…. Delish).

It’s a bikini time of year. But just because you’re donning the swimsuit doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything in terms of your sustainable living goals.

At Maria Malo, we’ve long been in the game of creating sustainable swimwear. Humble brag time: we’ve already packed in a few seasons of creating bikinis, one-pieces, and surf suits made entirely out of recycled ocean plastic (like our zipper swimsuit -- still a favourite!).

But this season, we’re stepping up the eco swimwear game once again with a brand new line that’s bolder, sexier, and more surf-proof than ever before -- all while standing by our mantra of “turning plastic problems into swimwear solutions”.

This post will walk you through the gorgeous sustainable bikinis (both sets and singles) and swimsuits that we’ve just launched; all of which are made out of 100% recycled materials and produced fairly and ethically.

Pssst: skip down to the end if you’re keen to learn the details of our sustainable production processes and exactly what they’re made from!

Here’s what you need to know:

9 sustainable swimwear items you’ll love

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Nude Bodysuit

1.- Bodysuit

The eco-friendly bodysuit blends the sporty and the feminine in one. Snug-fitting without being restrictive, it’s designed to stay put while you surf and stretch with your body as you move. It features a classic scoop neck with medium thickness straps, double lining on the chest, retro-esque high rise hips, a bootylicious bottom, and a super low scoop back for an added sprinkle of sexiness. Who said you can’t be practical and pretty?

2.- Bermudas top

Your classic triangle bikini top -- with a twist. The bermudas top has double reinforced fabric to flatter and support you no matter what your shape or size is. With adjustable straps and a clasp at the back, the top’s simple clean lines are just right for the gal who likes a little less coverage and a little more ooh la la.

The bermudas top is available in punchy mangrobia, classic black, nude, and mars.

3.- Bermudas bottoms

The other half of the bermudas power couple, these bottoms are equal doses cheeky and reliable. They’re double reinforced, meaning they’re super good at staying in place -- whether you’re playing in the waves or putting back a couple of cocktails by the pool. 

The regenerated fabric is ultra soft to the touch, so no snagging, chafing, or rubbing; you can count on total comfort in even the most intimate places. The bermudas bottoms are available in mangrobia, black, nude, and mars.

Mini crop top

If you fancy after a bikini top with medium coverage and ample sexiness, the mini crop top is your glass slipper, Cinderella! Featuring skinny adjustable straps and a classic triangle shape, you can count on this baby to stay in place thanks to its broad band that hugs your rib cage and supports you from underneath.

The econyl fabric is resistant to soil, crushing, and general wear and tear -- meaning you’ll be keeping this sustainable bikini top for a long time. Take your pick between shiny mars, mangrobia, or black.

5.- Culotte bottoms

The culotte bottoms are all about comfort and flattering coverage. Her wide waistband keeps the bottoms from digging in or rumpling; instead staying smooth and flat against your skin. With medium coverage both in front and back, the culottes are ideal for the active beach babe -- the swimmer, the surfer, the stroller in the sun. Available in mongrobia, shiny mars and black.

6.- Crossback bodysuit

The crossback bodysuit is your partner in crime for any activity that calls for support, stretch, and comfort. It’s super sturdy thanks to its firm straps; and the boyshort cut combined with the high scoop neck provide just the amount of coverage you need to feel confident when you’re off for an early morning surf -- or a sunset yoga session.

Ultra soft econyl is soft to the touch; crush, soil, and wear resistant; and totally sustainable thanks to the recycled sea plastic that was used to create it.

7.- Bikini set

If there’s one thing in life to make a gal feel good, it’s a matching bikini set -- am I right?! This one pairs a classic bandeau top with cheeky, medium coverage bottoms. The top is slightly ruched at the sides and meets in the middle with a delicate knotting detail; perfectly balanced between simple, sexy, and elegant.

8.- Swimming shorts

Ideal for those times you feel like bikini bottoms are just not gonna happen (‘cuz we ALL have those days, let me tell you), these swimming shorts offer full coverage in the front and the back -- without sacrificing a drop of style (or sustainability!). 

With a double high waist and open detail at the sides, the regenerated econyl fabric makes these shorts stretchy, sweat wicking, and seriously comfy. They’d look just as good worn around the house with an oversized t-shirt as they would at the beach, a pilates session, or a trip to the cable park.

9.- Body top

The sports bra gets a makeover! This body top has all the coverage and support you crave, minus the stiffness and discomfort of a traditional sports bra. Econyl is extra soft and stretches to fit your body shape, whilst still providing support (yup, even for the bigger busted gals amongst you). A scooped neckline in the front and back adds a flair of femininity to this otherwise simple, sporty top.

What exactly makes this line of swimwear sustainable?

Each of the items on this list have been created using econyl; a kind of synthetic nylon that’s produced using waste plastic -- specifically industrial waste and ocean plastic, like ghost fishing nets. 

Not only does that mean that your bikini has removed a certain amount of waste from our precious waterways, but it has also lifted the environmental burden that comes with using new resources and materials.

Econyl isn’t just sustainable though; it’s also soft, super comfortable, breathable, UV protective, sweat wicking, crush/wear/soil resistant, and just as high quality as virgin nylon.

In addition, we also ensure everything we ship off to you is packed using biodegradable and recyclable materials, like our new cassava bags.

Shop our new eco swimwear collection now (and if you have any questions about our sustainable swimwear, feel free to post a comment below!).

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