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2 Calle Nuestra Señora de la Luz
Tarifa, AL, 11380

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About the meaning of life...

Maria Malo

Stories of children ... of princes and princesses horse rescued by their heroes ... wedding dressed in white and with happy endings partridges

Stories that determined our lives ... stories that make an impression when you get older and start to hate that question, of course, always comes ...

And you? You have children? You do not want to be a mother? As if that were the only way of life of a woman.

Some are terrified at the thought of not being mothers and biological bell when the leaves deaf pay for frozen eggs. Others seek a victim who cheat and get pregnant without respecting the will of the other person. Some of them they spend jumping from flower to flower dreaming find that prince who has never existed ...

Children who come to life from manipulation and deceit ... children who falls the responsibility to heal sick mothers, absent fathers ...

Realities full of relationships that do not work, broken families, traveling companions who get off at the first stop because the pressure becomes unbearable, people moved from panic looking for something that is beyond themselves ...


I do not know if it will come that day when my body the miracle of fathering another life happen, it would be a gift, what if I know is that I do not believe in bringing children into the world from the lie and in my case, not from the technology.

And it is that once you open the door of your cell, and you free yourself from that prison of your own ideals that you rode as a child, you understand that the meaning of life is simply to be alive, so simple, so simple

With all my respect to any and every woman... 

María Malo