Brazillian Seamless

Brazillian Seamless

  • Braguita sin costura y corte ancho


  • Ligeramente ajustada y sin gomas que opriman

  • Superior comfort, extra suavidad al tacto.

  • Lavado en frío. No usar lejía.

  • Tejido con controles térmicos naturales

  • Permite la evaporación del sudor, seca rápidamente.

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  • Our very best confortable bottom made of 100% Organic Bamboo

  • Slim Fit

  • Superior comfort, extra soft touch.

  • Wash i in cold water

  • Bamboo is naturally wicking - it pulls moisture away from the body. It allows for the evaporation of perspiration with ease and also drys quickly. It has natural thermal characteristics that allows your skin to breath in hot climates, and retains warmth in cool climates.