Choosing the perfect pants for a trip is as important to me as the passport. Especially when endless flights await you, waiting at airports, arrivals at sticky temperatures and various transports of all kinds, generally very cramped.
It's been a while since traveling in jeans stopped being the chosen option for me. Since I have become more comfortable, I prefer to travel with soft pants, without back pockets or buttons at the waist. I don't want to spend the flight trying to figure out how to sit so as not to dig into a seam or having to constantly tug at my pants to free my delicate groin.

The leggings option doesn't work for me, first because they don't have pockets, and second because I don't feel like realizing that they are looking at my ass.

Do you want to know what I ask of a pair of pants to be my travel favorite?


Organic Fabrics


  • Make it comfortable.

Travel pants should not be tight. If you are going to spend hours traveling and you are going to change heights and pressures quickly, it is essential that the blood circulate freely so as not to end up full of varicose veins or arrive with the legs of an elephant.

  • Make it breathable.

The skin is the largest organ in our body. Through our skin we breathe and absorb an enormous amount of substances, so it is better if the tissues are organic, because they do not contain harmful chemical substances and you do not become poisoned without knowing it.

  • Have side pockets



Siempre a mano


Always at hand

But not the ones that dig in when you sit down, nor the ones with cold zippers that scratch your legs.
If I have to keep something safer, I already put it in my backpack. I use the pants pockets to gain speed and comfort when I have to put something down for a moment and leave my hands free.

I don't like to go with heavy pockets or explorer pants like a Christmas tree full of beads everywhere, that's why I have the backpack.

  • They feel good

Liking is very important. It gives me a lot of security in any situation that arises on the trip. With this type of pants you have to know how to choose if you don't want it to look like you are wearing pajamas, a good cut is as essential as a good quality fabric, it is clear that when the fabric is good its drape is impeccable.

  • Let them be versatile

When I travel I like to go light, some pants, a bikini, my underwear, two or three t-shirts and a nice dress are all I need. Well, if it's cold, also socks, a sweater and a jacket.

That's why I need to look good in the same pants in different scenarios. That depending on how you combine it; The same pants are perfect for transiting through airports, walking around the city, going up the mountain, going down to the beach or simply for relaxing at home.

The good news is that I found them! And not only that, we have also produced them so that you can also find them.

The man with whom I invented my life has also asked for them.

Notice to men; Perfect under ski pants. So when you get off the slopes, by changing your boots and taking off your pants you will be that perfect and cool again to continue with the afternoon as you please.

"May your trips be beautiful, your days happy and your memories comfortable." Maria Malo

Maria Malo