2020, a year of restrictions in which much frustration has been breathed and in which we have had to adapt to the circumstances as the script has been demanding. A year in which we have all experienced loss; loss of freedom, work, loved ones, material losses ... and that required being assertive and understanding, although thinking about the welfare of others, there is a strong sense of self and when there is too much attachment to our own perspective there is little space to see things as they really are.⁠

⁠Evidences remain that we do not control anything and that each one of us is responsible for our own reality.⁠

⁠Very different realities within the same context that have dis-covered a dystopian humanity evolving individually towards utopia or not, according to one´s own decisions, sharing physical space and time.⁠

⁠And while some travel by a direct and efficient path, others go blindly, when in essence, we all want to reach the same destination.⁠

⁠I believe that we are still not aware of the consequences of this year that is ending and I believe that we will continue to experience unexpected surprises with the purpose of getting to know the deep satisfaction of a warm and open heart that makes us feel less attached to the things that we often do obsess about.⁠

May the 2020 learning unite us to co-create the foundations of a healthy and courageous society.⁠

Peace Love and Freedom⁠,


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Do not let anyone to cut your wings.


Open yourself up to new experiences.

Be flexible.


Do things differently.

Let go

Be creative

Make decisions

Throw yourself into your fears and set your course

Allow life to surprise you

May you know the joy that comes from letting life live itself through you in its own perfection.

and above all, enjoy the trip.

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Bali 2020, a very different reality



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Enjoy the trip

Maria Malo