To help you get the items you want before they sell out, you can now pre-order items (where pre-order stock is available). This isn't just for items we've had and sold out of but we'll also be offering pre-orders on items we haven't even released yet.

If an item is available for pre-order, you will be able to see this once you have selected the colour and size of the product you want. We can only take pre-orders up to 28 days in advance.

Our delivery expectation for Pre Orders is around 30 days

Please, keep in mind that we are a very small company working under the premise of being sustainably responsable and respecting fair trade, using materias and proceses that respect the environment. We are far from wanting to compete with the big companies because our philosophy is completely the oposite, we stand for the "buy less, choose good quality and make it last”


To pre-order an item, you will need to add the available product colour and size to your shopping bag as if you were placing a normal website order. You will then need to follow the check-out process as normal and pay for the item. As soon as the item is available we will send it out. If your order contains a mix of pre-orders and in stock items, we will ship the pre-orders separately at no extra charge. Your order confirmation email will contain both in stock and pre-order items.

If after placing your order you decide you no longer want it please contact Customer Services on

Please bear in mind that if you do place a pre-order it will be treated as a normal order and the monies will be taken from your account when the order is dispatched. Unfortunately gift cards cannot be accepted as payment for pre-order items.

Not all items that go out of stock will be available for pre-order.

If you have any further queries please contact us though our e-mail:

If you have any doubts, please contact us in