Spring has arrived in the Northern hemisphere, the outburst of beauty returns with the awakening of Nature. The trees that seemed to be dying in the winter miraculously flourish with thousands of colours. Birth; Life reminding us that we have to die before we can rebirth with more strength. Let go of everything, allowing what it´s meant to be and let it happen at its own rate of speed, always perfect in its divine timing.

I have so much to tell you and this space is so small that I am unsure how to condense it without loosing the details…

Take my hand and walk with me through the process. I want you to see how a pulse in my solar plexus transforms into an idea in my head, a design on paper, a color palette…and in-between small roses and green turquoise, a beautiful poppy field, a midnight blue sky flourish in to ¨Between Flowers and Stardust¨

SS 2019

Look at the patterns and this is the table where we cut our fabrics; bamboo, linen and eucalyptus become pieces of the puzzle that later will be your garment.


This is how we make the buttons. For every button we need about one minutes work. So if the Maxi dress has 25 of them, it takes about 30 minutes just to make the buttons for one single dress.

Here we make the first samples. It is of utmost importance that these are absolutely perfect as the whole collection depends on them.

There´s a new member in the family!


OK! Now we have a collection ready!


It´s time for Casting, Fitting and Studio Pictures

I found the perfect location that I had once dreamed of…..now it is time to bring it all to life.

Yes, now we are ready to flourish...




Maria Malo