I have seen white sand beaches and black sand beaches…

I have seen black skins wanting to be white and white skins trying to become black…

I have seen worlds stained in black while people inhabiting them dress in white.

I have seen black projects reborn on white paper… I have seen futures that seemed to be black turn white in a blink of an eye …

And I have seen you… and me… naked between Blacks and Whites.

This is how Summer´21 Monochrome begins.



Black and white is what goes on further south

It´s the ink of the soul. The lefty or no. The blocking in of form.

Its nothing outside yourself. Its nothing you hold in your hands. Its not about your eyes anymore.

Black and white is everything you hold in your heart

Complicated Love, Unrelenting fear, obscured understanding, pain and sorrow and hope and sex - in its rawest form.


Simple and treacherous.



Designing a full collection in Black and White was a challenge for me. After so many years creating in colorful prints I needed silence.

I saw clean lines that required the highest quality fabrics and twisted cuts that achieved rhythm and movement in the absence of noise.

I started researching alternative sustainable fabrics, looking for that plus for each cut to come to life in a subtle, elegant way and with a very exclusive character.



Eco Linen, Econyl, Tencel Modal and Voile give life to this line created from need to order and give meaning to the uncertainty that suffocated me in the chaos in which I had submerged myself.

Monochrome is the springboard between what is already past and a future where we centralize operations in Bali and open the doors to the Asian markets.



And that's how it started, in Sumbawa ... when in that chaos I was floating on my board for hours day after day to feel the calm and freedom that allows me to be centered and balanced ... ⁠

My skin, my eyes and my entire body were exhausted from the strong Indonesian sun and I dared to imagine what I would like to wear to be out when the sun is so intense; A long-sleeved suit that feels nice and soft on the skin and a loose hood that covers the face and protects the eyes. A hood, loose enough to be comfortable and with some strategic cuts for the water to find a way out when duck diving ... For something to happen you need to first imagine it, so it was.. The lackeys surf suit hoodie



We continue to grow thanks to you and with you in the stimulating pathway to sustainable development.

Thank you for choosing us.

Maria Malo