Did you know that the driving force of fashion is planned obsolescence?

The current trend in the textile industry is geared in this way. Where companies are having a 15- 20 day turn around on new models made for the consumer. Otherwise known as ¨fast fashion.

This trend has created the impulsive shopper who is made to believe if he doesn’t buy it now, it will be gone. 

Consumers therefore shop more regularly and spend more money.

All in all creating the addictive shopping personality and the mentality of wear it once and move on.

The only objective of this trend is to make more money without any consideration of the consequences.

It’s simply about numbers and unlimited sales.

This needs to stop…..don´t let yourself be manipulated. Take off the blindfold, open your eyes and think!

Do you really constantly need new clothes?

I´ll give you my opinion….

This trend has made people feel they are lacking something, that if you buy things you can fill the void, however that is never the case. They want you to keep buying so they can keep selling. 

Nothing that money can buy will satisfy the being fulfilled sensation. The sooner you realise that the better off you will be. Its not about accumulating. Its about valuing what you already have.

Invest in sustainability. Because the very word says it ll, it is the only way we can keep our planet.

Don’t be fooled by the consumer industries. Be smart and make conscious choices. When it comes to your clothes buy things that stand alone in the fashion world. That are well made and you can keep for many years to come. Feel good about purchasing sustainable clothes that have been made ethically and have the seal of being fair trade. Feel good about what you buy.

Fast fashion is like being caught in a hamster wheel. Get out of buying cheap articles, that last no time only to have to replace them.

Get out of the wheel and spoil yourself.

Do not throw your clothes in the trash. Unlike what happens with fruit and vegetables, clothes can not be composted, unless they have been manufactured with natural, biodegradable materials, without bleach or chemical dyes.

Take responsibility, everything you see out there that you don’t like, you are partly responsible for, your purchases finance these projects to continue.

Cotton is the world’s most important non-food agricultural commod- ity, yet it is responsible for the release of 18 % of the pesticides that are used in the world each year and 25 % of the insecticides. One more reason to bet on organic and / or regenerated fabrics.

Maria Malo´s line was born two years ago. Inspired by the indigenous tribes that walked this earth without a trace. Our line is timeless and sustainable. If you bought something two years ago it is still trendy today and will be in great condition and fashionable forbears to come.

Remember….only being one with nature will we feel truly beautiful inside and out.

With love,


Maria Malo