The Art of Organic dying is a detailed handcrafted process of combining an array of Natures bounty; of assorted leaves, flower pollen, berries, bark and more, steaming or boiling and layering with the chosen natural organic fabrics, to produce a colour transference. 


Time and sunshine shall set the colours - then salt and/or ground limestone attempts to capture or 'fix' the colours within the fabric.



It is an age old process which takes time and patience, extracting the colours of natural beauty with the utmost respect for our beautiful world's ecology, we even filter the waste dyed water naturally through beds of water lilies and on to irrigating the very plants we use.   


The mulch that is made after the colour has been taken from the vegetation used to dye; goes on to feed as compost, the very trees that we yield from.  

We are then truly blessed to be able to make quality clothing with no irritants to ourselves in the wearing Nor to our Worlds delicate ecosystem.  

 Our Gorgeous Prints and Printed fabrics, are created in a fair trade environment, employing traditional screen printing skills and All Natural fabrics ; the Quality of the screen's definition and the saturation of colour are dependent on Sunlight.    



Every effort is made in our manufacturing to respect our environment and our workers. For when We are at One with Mother Nature, We may Look and Feel truly Wonderful. 

...Walk this earth without a trace...

Maria Malo