Maria Malo New collection


Please allow me to introduce myself - I am a woman of style and grace.

I am María Malo; Creative director of

I am happy to announce we are the change that is coming.

The time has come us to spread our wings evolving with a conscious lifestyle and Respect for the Environment, holding hands with Fair trade practice and sustainable production of high quality design.

This is not a throw away fashion label

This is Maria Malo

The past 14 years creatively directing Mala Mujer has been an amazing experience, driven by the enthusiasm of a child, full of magic and beauty, of learning, of illusions, unexpected success and sometimes frustrations, of surprises, awkwardness, "losing & winning” and personal growth.

Having encountered many Characters in this process, with laughter and tears. I flew though many days and nights, wearing a lifestyle, as that independent, sassy and sexy girl who beat me up yesterday.

I do give thanks to Mala Mujer and the life experience we shared, for now I am ready to evolve.

As María Malo, my lifestyle now resounds with a fashion consciousnes, I will continue to create sexy, fun and flirty designs, being more Women than ever

That girl that came before me, who skipped the rules, they called a hippie and gypsy, because she chose to live barefoot, and she spoke for Women, Independence and Freedom, has grown.

That heart is losing its horns, and like a caterpillar in metamorphosis, this new heart will spread wings, along with the name, Maria Malo. The Malo remains because this is truly me, my family name.

We now take flight forward to new adventures, with integrity and creativity.

María Malo stands for the reality that fashion can be sustainable, which we can make but also give back to the people involved in the creation, supporting our small communities and producers with fair trade practice.

 Maria Malo Butterfly

I promise to give you classic, beautiful, high quality and sustainable styles, using an abundance of natural fabrics and fine hand finishing, upcycling as we can and inspiring as we do.

As a Blessed Gipsy, Maria Malo shall attempt to walk this earth without a trace, as I aspire to be a Spirit Women on my path.

"I am the environment", Davi Yanomami Kopenawa.

María Malo Managing Director

Dancers of the Ocean S.L. 

 C/ Jimena de La Frontera 314. Tarifa 11380 . Spain