This morning my thermostat in the kitchen displayed 12 Degrees centigrade. Even after holding my breath until my lips turned blue, 40 sun salutations and a cold water shower I could not feel uplifted. My body is not made for this, I need more layers. The five organic bamboo layers I had to drape myself so that I could enter my kitchen to make coffee. I think if I was born again I would come back as a bear…. That way I could travel asleep all winter and wake up in the spring to make love and indulge in the purest honey….wise is the bear.

I am returning to the island of the eternal summer. It is not that I am not comfortable here, I love where I live, and even more so now that I have my van with everything in it that makes me happy. It´s about to burn so much wood to keep Marlon warm. To be reminded of an image that is drifting and disappearing. The absence of Lolita. The presence of absence.

My shoes want more “shoes meetings” at the entrance doors , and I want to sit on the floor, plug in to source so that creativity springs from the fingers of my hands.

I knew I was missing something : that I was not done describing the rest of my collection, that I hadn’t gotten lost enough times on my scooter. I am going to try the new prototypes, fix them if need be, throw them in the washing-waves a few times and see how they react. And when I am absolutely sure that everything is perfect as I had dreamt of it, I will come back to reveal the New designs and share them with you.

For those of you sticking around….I recommend a few extra layers of organic bamboo.

Maria Malo