Lately, I have been having people coming up to me, that I don’t even know, telling me that they like what I write, that they read my work…”Are you Maria Malo?¨I follow you. I love what you write.”. “Maria! I am a huge fan of your writing, I really like the way you express yourself”.”I read your last post 3 times and every time I read it I get emotional”…

I have never thought of myself as a good write, I still don’t think it. Writing to me is a form of liberation. It is releasing what is eating me up inside, seeing it and letting it go for someone else to find.

If I don’t do it, I feel a knot inside of me that keeps expanding, joining other knots , entangling into a mass that is filled with the ghosts that awaken me when I sleep …. From women dressed in habits sitting at the edge of my bed to arms with no bodies that try and suffocate me.

And of course as life is living through my knots and entanglments within, what comes out when I write has a lot to do with what I am currently perceiving in the moment.

So I write to catch ghosts. To see myself, and then if you like it and its worth something to you…then that’s a double celebration.

I have been asked to do a post about Valentines day, this 14th of Feb. My answer was if I could eradicate all holidays and celebrate love and life every instant that we have left of this life in this strange existence.

I am not interested in World Holidays, I am interested in the World every day. I believe that if someone has loved you, they will love now and forever, because love doesn’t start and end like a romantic relationship.

So if you want to gift something because you are in love, or for whatever reason, don’t let anyone tell you when and how. I take advantage and leave you with a couple of gifts that are gems.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

― Carl Jung

I found this story about Valentine´s;

“In Rome, in the year 270 AD, Emperor Claudius II published an edict prohibiting marriage. It was based on the fact that the Empire needed soldiers and believed that married men were reluctant to leave their families to go to war. Before the somewhat insane nuance of such law, Valentine Bishop of Interamma, invited the couples to go to him in secret to unite them in the sacrament of marriage. Understanding Claudius II, and before the impossibility of converting the bishop to the religion of the Roman gods, he ordered to beat, to stone and finally, to behead Valentine. While he was in prison, awaiting execution, Valentin fell in love with Julia, the blind daughter of his jailer. On the eve of his death, Valentine wrote a last letter to Julia, asking her to stay close to God and signed her "De tu Valentín". Valentín was executed the next day, on February 14, 270, near a door that was later named Puerta de Valentín to honor his memory. He was buried in what is now the Praxedes Church in Rome. "



Maria Malo