While on the other side of the planet all my loved ones are in confinement, today Bali celebrates the New year in silence, it is Nyepi. (This year by government decision will be two days)

Tradition states that the Balinese must abstain from any activity for 24 hours and is summarized in 4 "amati"

Amati geni (refrain from lighting fires or lights)
Amati karya (refrain from work)
Amati lelanguan (refrain from leisure activities)
Amati lelungan (refrain from leaving home)

It is time to practice meditation and fasting, for spiritual purification through self-control and introspection.

Tourists in Bali must also stay in their hotels and villas, and refrain from any activity that disturbs the peace, silence and calm of the Nyepi, a word derived from the root "sepi" and meaning silence.

All shops close for 24 hours, including the airport. Every year.

In other circumstances, anyone who does not know this tradition would find it at least interesting. The way things are now, I understand that it may sound like a game.

It is beautiful to hear the sounds of nature without interruption, without human voices, or motors, or a lawn mower, or a radio ... nothing. The world is cradled in the chirping of birds, the flow of water, the caresses of leaves, the call of insects, the gentle sea breeze ...

I appreciate the break because, like you, I have to sit down and look inside what humanity is having to experience.

I do not venture to comment on where or why but I believe that all this is part of a much bigger plan. Humanity needed a shake to redirect itself, et voila! ...

We had and we have the opportunity to change, to really change, to a radical change. And for this we must explore in depth the question of change.

This means that we have to think completely differently, far from the ideal, the collective, the customs ...

The radical change we need is only possible when there are no ideals. No radical change can take place as long as the mind thinks in terms of action according to its egocentric interest, however noble it may be.

We will all have to experience the loss. We are being asked to let go of everything, as it is released from within when you understand that you can no longer lose anything because you are everything, you contain everything.

And we will see loved ones go, and we will cry ... knowing that there is no distance or time when there is love.

And we will lose jobs so that each one when the time comes is able to create another more authentic way of working.

And we will lose money to understand that it is not money that will save us.

And we will lose "freedom" to realize that true Freedom arises from self-knowledge that can only be reached through a deep listening to all experience.

And while human beings stop to meditate ... Nature regenerates.

May this be cause for celebration, no matter how hard the circumstances you may be experiencing.


Maria Malo

Maria Malo