Father, mother, and son. The true sacred trinity. The holy spirit was a political convenience to remove women from the equation.

The female gender is the only one capable of transforming her own body to the point of being able to channel a spirit and bring it to life.  Women were the first alchemists — shamans — who, through the grace of childbirth, can channel the cosmic energy of the universe.

We're beginning a new era: the Age of Aquarius, where the woman regains her feminine power.

We will learn differently. The information that we've been given in these last 30 years has been more than in any other period of history. Yet in amongst this disorder and bombardment of information, evolution continues its journey towards the mastery of itself. All this information, which has been "vomited" on society in these last decades, is an opportunity for each and every one of us to begin to discern the truth. Tune into the possibility that each one of us is a teacher in training, and that each one of us can be guided.

We must turn to ourselves, and grow our connections to the cosmos. Let's look for the answers inside — not vice versa. Let’s wake up our collective memory and let the planet know that we're ready and conscious for the task ahead — that of reconnecting and bringing heaven to earth.

Celebrating the female form and bringing our awareness back to our integral power…

Choosing to use only sustainable materials to create each item in our collection. Ensuring production meets fairtrade standards and uplifts everyone involved along the way. The seasons may change, sands shift, and new experiences come; our values remain the same. With that in mind, let’s walk you through the latest happenings at Maria Malo and give you a peek at the newest sustainable fashion pieces in our collection:

New pieces, same sustainable materials

We’ve brought a smattering of new dresses out this season -- like the lusciously soft Maree dress, the ever-flattering Lili midi dress, and the button-down Rosie dress -- but our commitment to using sustainable materials hasn’t changed.

Here are a couple of highlights we think you’ll love:

Lili midi dress

If you’re already familiar with the collection of Maria Malo’s sustainable dresses, you’ll most likely recognise the Lili dress. We’ve seen her before in ankle sweeping floor-length numbers which have long been a customer favourite.

Thanks to her popularity and totally timeless cut, we’ve revamped the Lili long dress and brought out a midi version complete with polka dots and fiery red fabric. Ooh mama. 

Just like the long dress, the Lili midi dress is made with Tencel, a biodegradable fabric crafted from a blend of plant fibres.

Taree dress

Lovers of a good loose cut, this one is for you. 

The Taree dress is all whimsical silhouettes, floaty fabric, and flattering drapes. She features a feminine shirt top with buttons and a low collar, casual rolled-up sleeves, a classic a-line skirt, and a low waist.

Taree is made of crinkle Rayon so it’s soft as anything, lets your skin breathe in warmer climates, and hangs off the shoulders and hips in all the rights ways.

Rosie crop top in red

Released in natural, midnight blue, and black last year, your favourite cropped number is now available in flame red. Wearing the Rosie crop top in red is an invitation for you to tap into your inner vixen, your feminine prowess, and to take up space.

The Rosie crop top looks great as activewear when paired with our sustainable swimming shorts or as a top paired with our sunflower pantaloons.


Handmade prints

Polka dots. Florals. Leopard print. If there’s one thing to know about us, it’s that we love a good print. But the thing about creating colourful printed fabrics is that it often comes at the expense of sustainability. 

Dyes, factory machines, and unsustainable base fabrics can quickly take their environmental toll on a fashion producer’s output.

We’re bent on doing it differently.

Our collection features a range of sustainable, ethically produced silkscreen prints. The original prints have been handcrafted by local artisans using traditional batik practices, then brought to life in the workshop in Bali.

By opting for this production method, we eliminate the need for toxic dyes and other nasties. If you’re interested, check out the process in this Instagram post we shared a little while back.

Fairtrade, as always

We’ve written (some might say ‘ranted’, but that is a matter of opinion, my friend) pretty extensively about the abysmal state of modern fast fashion. 

What with some of the world’s most influential media outlets covering the matter, it’s now household knowledge that environmentally, the industry is a total disaster. 

Ethically, it’s no better.

As we know, the fast-fashion world is rife with child labour, sweatshops, and grossly underpaid and badly cared for workers. 

The fact that we produce on a small scale with artisans that we know personally and trust means that we can rigorously uphold our commitment to keeping our production fairtrade. Our collection is made in a small workshop in the Indonesian paradise of Bali, with staff that we’ve cherry-picked for their skills and specialities.

It’s majorly important to us that everyone involved in the production of our collection is empowered by doing so. We go to enormous lengths to make sustainable business choices and taking care of our employees and creators is mega high on that list of priorities.

We’re vibing high on feminine power As we round off this little update, we’ll leave you with some high vibing thoughts (that you may have caught a sneak peek at around Valentine’s Day if you’re already subscribed to our newsletter):

We believe the world is experiencing a renaissance. A leap. A giant shift in consciousness. For way too long, feminine qualities (not to mention women themselves) have been cast off and hidden away in favour of the masculine. “Down with nurturing, compassion, and vulnerability -- they’re weak, and I don’t want to be weak,” said the world for like, ever, “gimme summa that ambition, aggression, and confidence”. But we know that doesn’t work. We knew it all along.

The balance is shifting today, lovelies, and if there’s anything we’d like you to take from this little post is our invitation to tap into your wild side, your feminine side, your sacred centre. Give yourself permission to heal, nurture, tune in. Acquaint yourself with your internal power, the power of your womb -- the centre of life and creative manifestation. Embrace it all, little one; love for our own divine femininity is what will heal the earth.

Thank you for supporting sustainability.

Maria Malo