This is for all the children of the planet, for the ones that are here to stay, for the ones that came and went and for the ones that are yet to arrive.

So that they won’t see the sadness the eyes of other children are seeing.

For you:

Always remember that life is a gift and within that gift lies: Nature.

And remember that your toys are the sun and the stars, the sound of singing birds, the rocks in rivers, and the colours of flowers…

That the waves are yours and as long as you share them they will multiply. You will grow a world without frontiers. A world where each one of us feels like a tree from the same forest sharing the happiness of this sacred thing we call life.

Don’t be confused by the sad souls. They no longer see the beauty of life and due to their blindness they are destroying our Mother Earth. Poor people. Their sad stare puts a shadow on spring, their sordid breath is melting the North Pole and with each breath they waste our last drops of water only to devastate villages and cities, tearing apart families and destroying dreams.

But lets not worry about them, let the magic take care of them, surely one day the fireflies will come so close to them that they will be awakened by their light.

Every day should be a joyous day of play. Find the imaginary rabbit amongst the clouds, see the green rays as the sun sets, become the firefly and fly with the butterflies. Let’s find the big fish and drink from the immense ocean and embrace our earth as we play the game of being human.

Create, imagine, invent… make your life a work of art, a song of freedom, be spontaneous, be creative! You don’t have to achieve anything you already are complete. 

There is no better place than within. You Are life.

Maria Malo