Giving Birth

Only instead of 9 months this one was created in 6 and the outcome is a collection filled with life.

Not far from the feeling a mother feels waiting to meet her little one, I finally can bring to life all the hours invested into this new line. In the same way a s a little girl waits all year for santa to drop of his gifts, I finally reveal what is to be my greatest collection.

Thank you Bali for giving me such inspiration, you are such a beautiful island, an island of treasures.

And treasures are what I bring you this year, my ideas, My creations, my treasures…

For those that know me know that I am not one to follow trends, I have never been comfortable following the norm. I am a woman that follows her instinct, listens to the beat of her own drum, taking into consideration what over the years so many women have shared with me, trying my different designs.

Yes. I know what you want! I know what makes you look and feel all that little bit better, because my pieces are not of fashion… they are ageless, always in fashion. Each being able to double as something else, because where my job ends your imagination starts. You want to use your bikini top to do your yoga class? Or your swimsuit as body to go out on a dinner date? Go for it!!! I wore my fifties undies with a tank turned inside out to the beach this summer, because it was comfy andI liked it. Because I can.

I have a mission and I want to include you. I have taken it upon myself to prove that I can own a brand that doesn’t enter into competitiveness , that doesn’t jack up the prices with the current market. We have to make a change and not allow the text market to be the second leading market to pollute our planet.  We have to inspire brands to be a part of the solution not the problem. And you have a say by where you spend your money. 

I leave you with a taste of what is to come and a magical foto shoot from Bali.

I hope you like what we birthed as much as I do….



Maria Malo