Today is March 8, a day that should be marked on our calendar, a day dedicated to us, women. The media celebrates this day with us from all around the world supporting our plea; The fight for equality.

When searching for International Women's Day origins , I found out that in March 1857, during the Industrial Revolution, several women came out to protest on the streets of New York fighting the miserable conditions in which they were working in the textile sector. Since then, beginning with New York and then Chicago and years later Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland, have celebrated this day to claim the rights of women and help achieve universal female suffrage. 

In 1975, The UN proclaimed March 8 the International Women's Day which coincided with the year of the Woman.

Legend states that in 1908 a businessman outraged by the strike of the female workers, set fire to the company with all the women still inside the factory. The fabrics which they had been handling were purple , they say a cloud of smoke with a purple tinge could be seen from miles away. This may be the reason why the colour purple is associated with this day.

We have arrived #TimesUp, time to act, because as Borges said: “The future is not what is going to happen, but what we are going to do about it.”

Wake up the strong women, the brave women, the women who know, the women that fearlessly go for what they want to achieve.

It's time to create your own story. Give yourself the space, open your eyes and move forwards and upwards. Don´t allow anything or anyone to impede you from achieving what you want. Get rid of all limitations, open your wings and fly.

Let's change the story together and create a new legend, let's paint March 8th purple, blue, red and turquoise. Let’s manifest a present with women in all colours.

Use fashion as a tool! Recover your power, dress those women you have inside you in all colours that inspire.

Connect with your creativity and every morning wear whatever moves you.  You decide! Wear your high heels or throw on your sneakers, just in case you have to go on a run. Don’t let anyone tell you what to wear or when you should wear it. The times of worrying "what will they say about you” are over. You have the choice of freedom of expression. Let your skin breathe, let your whole being shine. Wear health, wear organic fabrics that do not intoxicate your body. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Today we give you one more reason to wear our clothes: So that you too can bet on sustainable fashion, a fashion, that in addition to enhancing your femininity, takes care of Nature. Today we offer you that your intimates can be made of 100% organic bamboo, so that you can feel precious no matter your body type, including you; pregnant woman.

You know, green is the new sexy ... and there's no time, like NOW … Lets do this together, women.


Maria Malo




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Maria Malo