What do the Beatles, psychedelics, and India all have in common?

Well, unsurprisingly to anyone who’s grown up with the influence of modern mindfulness and the swingin’ 60s, quite a lot actually.

But the lesser-known commonality is the influence all the above had on the fashion industry - an impact that still holds forth in far-reaching ways today.

The latest addition to our summer 2020 collection channels the vibes of the 1960s free love movement with flowy fabrics, backless dresses, and - yep, you guessed it - paisley featuring front and centre.

Let’s take a second to ponder the fascinating history behind the evolution of the iconic print before we dive into our newest items, which we just know you’re going to adore as much as we do.


The fabulous history of paisley

Originally stemming from Persia, the paisley pattern is one of the oldest motifs that’s been used throughout the history of fashion. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Indian merchants replicated the original Persian print in decadent Kashmir shawls, putting their own unique spin on the print by placing many tiny motifs close together on a single piece.

But it wasn’t until the print caught on in the West, namely in the town of Paisley, Scotland, that the pattern got its Anglican name.

Paisley’s popularity ebbed and flowed over time (what hasn’t?!) but it made a massive resurgence in the 1960s when hippy culture moved from the margins to the mainstream.

What was the context, you might ask?

The Beatles were making it big at the time - like, mega big. 

They’d just been on their famous excursion to India which they undertook to study at the guru Maharishi’s transcendental meditation centre. Not only was this a hugely productive moment for the band’s songwriting, but it also added to the West’s growing interest in meditation and brought an enormous amount of attention to Indian spirituality and culture - including fashion.


Paisley Power in Maria Malo’s Summer 2020 Collection

Boheme Maxi Dress

This flowy number features a button-down front which can be worn semi-open or closed, depending on what you’re wearing (or not!) underneath and how revealing you want to go. 

It’s made of Tencel, a sustainable fabric crafted from a blend of wood pulp from fast-growing, highly renewable trees that have been sustainably harvested. Tencel is super soft to the touch and falls beautifully - perfect for a summer dress like this one.

The Boheme maxi dress is slim-fitting, but in a relaxed way, meaning it’ll take you from day to night without a hitch. Pair this one with our organic bamboo high waisted knickers in matching paisley print and you’ll look an absolute dream.

Available in both long-sleeved and midi-sleeved versions.



The romantic cut of this kimono immediately reminds us of balmy nights spent out on the patio and lazy Sunday mornings with big cups of steaming coffee. Like much of the collection, she’s made of sustainable Tencel fabric which feels amazing on your skin - even when it’s hot and sticky outside.

The paisley print is finished with a slight dusty effect, adding to that vintage feel. It features a relaxed, loose fit which allows it to be thrown over just about anything - from a bikini or cut-off jeans to a little black dress. There’s a little fringe on the bottom hemline to give the piece an extra pop, too!


Barbaras Night Dress

If there’s one thing we think is sexy, it’s an open back dress like this beauty. An above the ankle cut paired with the low back halter neck brings the perfect balance between allure and elegance, while the subtle frill along the plunging neckline makes it a truly unique evening dress.


Barbaras Dream Dress

Everything about the soft lines, feminine cut, and detail of this dress makes us think one word: dreamy. The Barbaras dream dress features a plunging neckline, subtle ruching under the bust, and a non-clingy fit. The above-the-ankle cut pairs just as beautifully with a pair of flip flops or sandals as it does a pair of Chelsea boots.

Like the rest of our dresses in the collection, this dress is made from tencel - so by making this dress yours, you’ll be doing your bit for Mama Earth, too.


We’ve been bringing you bamboo bikinis for quite some time now, and we’re delighted to show you our latest offering: the paisley version! The soft heather and aqua hues look stunning against all different skin tones and make for a perfect addition to your beach-y wardrobe


Bamboo Crop Top

Soft as anything and supremely versatile, the paisley crop top is the latest print in our ever-expanding arsenal of crop tops. Wear it as a comfy bra, yoga wear, or as a cheeky bralette paired with shorts and a kimono.

High Rise Knickers

Just like the crop top, our high rise knickers can be worn so many different ways (yours truly likes to wear them as pyjamas and underneath her Levi 501s - it makes them so much comfier!). Hint: they slip on perfectly underneath the tencel dresses above - especially if you’ve got your eye on the Boheme maxi dress which can be worn partially unbuttoned to show off your matching under-bits.



Which piece in our new paisley collection speaks to you? Let us know! As always, thank you for supporting sustainable fashion.


Maria Malo