If we were fish

He's Korbinian Grad, they're Alizee and Alice - and Maria Malo Line's bikinis of course. And this is a story about transforming by creating.

Since I discovered Koko's work via our shared networks, I knew that one day we would work together. I wouldn't have imagined it would be from a distance, but given the circumstances ... There are only a couple of things missing: to meet him personally and give him a hug as vast as the ocean.


Regenerated nylon from fish nets and plastic waste


Regenerated nylon

Bermudas Top and Bottom

De la basura del mar al tejido

Eco Bikini


There is something ethereal about the underwater images, something sublime and extremely delicate that inevitably moves us to a place deep inside ourselves - possibly because life itself begins in liquid.

I remember the day I saw Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert for the first time; a visceral and dreamlike piece of work, which returns us to that place that we yearn for but cannot name, and that awakens in us the memory of a time when we lived in balance with nature and animals.

Today, my dear virtual friend Koko shows a reality that is far from being in balance - and invites us to reflect, not only in relation to our waste in the sea.








I am not going to comment on Covid19 but I want to point out that the way it is being managed does not make any sense for me, and that unfortunately more waste is being generated that, as we’ve seen before, ends up in the sea.

Sea water helps me heal, both physically and energetically. That is why I care about the conservation of the oceans and that is why I commit myself and my work to re-using waste and helping to clean up.

I believe that what belongs to the land should remain on the land, especially since it is not necessary to exploit more resources when we have enough material to transform.

And I also believe that whenever we take something from nature we should give something else back in return. From composting the remains of the vegetables we eat to using what we know can return to the earth to create sustenance, such as bamboo weaving.


Bamboo Bikinis





May the beauty of these images awaken in you something that drives you to transform by creating.

Thank you for choosing sustainable
Maria Malo