It is the dance of the butterfly, the need for movement from where we are to our next phase of being.

They seem to dance while fluttering among the flowers, that awaken that feeling of lightness and joy, that remind us that we have to get up and move, because if we don't move, we can't dance.



The journey of transformation, becoming a butterfly, the need to go deeper into meditation, to let all the fears and old wounds fade away one by one so that transformation can take place… experiencing letting go and freeing yourself from what has held us. tied behind... new possibilities, new ways of being, and feeling the ecstasy of being completely free... with wings to fly.

From a caterpillar only capable of crawling always so slowly to a butterfly capable of flying seas and continents. This is a message of what is possible to achieve, of going beyond what we think is possible – of making the impossible a reality.


And take the journey to know the true Being, to see and know what we are able to create and transform.

This is the magic of believing, because believing is the first step in everything we set out to do.

María Malo

Maria Malo