Every morning at five fifteen the alarm clock rings. Time to go through the shower, put on my white robe and go up to the sacred temple;

In the center, surrounded by vegetation and without walls, a two-story circular beauty rises majestically called "The Global Harmony Monument."

The upstairs, The Chapel of Mother Goddess, hosts the Poojas, daily mantra chanting. Every day at 6am to 12 and 6pm you hear voices that transport you to other dimensions. The central idea is to invoke the Divinity within and learn to be grateful prayerful people in our daily lives.

It is the chapel of the Mother Goddess, a place of Inner Spiritual Worship and Meditation, and as such, its sanctity must be maintained at all times.

On the "physical side", the chapel is entirely built from recycled wood. The floor is made of old wooden planks from more than a century rescued from the railroad tracks. A bell hangs from the entrance frame, rings it and gives you enough space to feel welcome and permission to enter.

In the background the altar, Śakti. The feminine energy represented... The Virgin Mary, Laksmí, Durgá, Kali... all the goddesses that I know and others that I did not know surrounded by candles, flowers, incense and songs take shape in this room where there is no separation by religions, ideologies, races or conditions.

I sit in a discreet place, close my eyes and breathe... 21 om that lead me to a feeling of total emptiness. I am ready to start receiving... the mantras begin... I let myself be enveloped by that strange and yet so close language, Sanskrit.

I thank myself for having brought me here and I surrender to the moment free of pasts and futures, without identity, in full presence...
Thus begins a wonderful journey towards myself that I am going to share here... in case it helps someone... even if it is just me.

Maria Malo