It has been about two months now that I have been delving inwards. I have closed my eyes in order to see more clearly and I have come to realize that even in a most bitter moments, there is an intimate communion with oneself, like a sweet, comforting moment by the fire. I have sunk to the utter most depths, without resistance. Breathless into the darkest parts and slowly been picking up the broken pieces. Whenever I think about breathing, I try and fuse the air with my breath and think about bringing the pieces together. I assume that when I am done with this journey I will not be the same person as I was. I might not find a piece, or miss it as my eyes are closed….it could all come to the topping breakthrough and I may taste life elixir elsewhere. 

I admit that at times if we realized we were too many and there would be tickets exit my existence here I would get one, in the meantime I have come to island of Gods, to be closer and focus on my work.

So here is how my collection keeps evolving. Three years ago the project began and we are still here developing lines that are sustainable and geared towards a better planet.

I leave you with a few images of organic dyes, that I will post more in depth about soon. Until then I bid you farewell.

The warrior with the heart of the moon.

Maria Malo