Let me tell you a story, or two…. The one of the sadness that lies within me and the one of the story I create to live in peace with what I see.

According to the scientist Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet, physicist and author of the "Theory of the Doubling of Time and Space.¨ We can be in both REAL TIME and in the Quantic realm; an imperceptible time with various potentials. "The double” as Garnier calls it, can travel to all the possible outcomes and memorises the best one. While we sleep we are able to connect with this part of us that has more knowledge due to its knowing all the possible outcomes. The process is something like, you leave your concerns with your double and then you stay in benevolence until you fall asleep.

Garnier says you can not be benevolent towards the world, that that means nothing. You have to be benevolent with the people that come to mind. 

That night I went to bed and as per usual I invoked my double to tell her of my woes..  as soon as I closed my eyes Planet Earth came to my mind. I envisioned The blue planet as a face dry and cracked and its mouth burning in flames… its eyes melting and surrounded by a black smoke that was getting thicker and thicker. I found her pulse in my uterus and fell asleep in it.

Every beat a part of my body…. The pelvic floor at the centre of the Earth, the uterus in the depth of the Ocean, the solar plexus in Indonesia, which is very dirty. The heart in humanity, the throat in the amazon…. And that continued until I was left with nothing. 

I awaken in between coconut trees, lying on a bamboo bed draped in white sheets. I have been bitten by three mosquitoes and my shirt is soaking wet….It's a million degrees and the humidity is unbearable…the mosquito net is caught in my hair… I see myself too thin.

Ani has had a vision…. “Maria Malo Line will become big”

On this island being connected to your double is a common occurrence. They don’t even need to connect with it at night because are already connected all day long, every day. It might be the coconut water or the rice which awakens their consciousness…

Experiencing my teams motivation has been such a boost of energy imploding into all directions.

Let´s begging our fourth year together in this dream of prints, fabric, patterns, and designs with a very clear mission; to find sustainable alternatives for every aspect of the process, and to create a scenario where we all win.

I am going to dress you in eucalyptus and bamboo and more flowers will grow.

Maria Malo