María Malo maintains that fashion can and should be sustainable. That we can take while giving something back to Nature and all the people involved in the creation process.
That we must take responsibility for what we consume and how we consume it.

Even today is the day when we see people leaving their cigarette butts in the sand on the beach. Even today we see cans flying out of car windows and garbage bags forgotten in the forests, plastic bottles, nets, hooks...
"We" have become "accustomed" to seeing images of animals suffering and dying, suffocating in our garbage, because yes, it makes me sad, but I'm going to continue throwing my cigarette butt out the window to see if I set the field on fire... accidentally... and buying plastic toys wrapped in plastic boxes loaded in plastic bags so that my son will be happy for a while.

What would happen if it were the other way around? What would happen if we were the ones directly harmed. What if the one who suffocated with the bag that you forgot was your cousin, your father or your brother, what would happen if that cigarette butt burned your daughter and those nets drowned you...?

We are Nature unites 7 women in action in Nature and 3 animals, one for each medium; water, land and air, to show one of our biggest problems, our garbage; Our responsibility.

Let's see if this way we can change. Because if I change mine, and you change yours, we all change and the world changes.

All the garments in this clip are produced in family workshops with 100% biodegradable organic bamboo fiber.

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Photo Marcos Welsh Photography para HOLA Fashion


Maria Malo