With the end of summer and the change of season, it is highly recommended to do a detoxification cure


It is time to give your body, mind and Being in general a break to rejuvenate, relax and recharge your batteries.

If the word detox sounds very strong to you and you have never experienced the benefits of a cleanse, start by doing just one day, think that you are giving your digestive system a rest, and one day is already very beneficial.

Any digestive system needs a break from time to time to function optimally.

Cleaning should never be too drastic because it could be harmful to health.

Balance is the key.

The objectives of a Detox are:

  • Eliminate toxins from the body
  • Balance the digestive fire (in Ayurveda Agni)
  • Improve energy levels
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Stop premature aging
  • Fill yourself with light and clarity in both body and mind

The duration of a Detox can vary, from 3 days to 3 weeks. According to my own experience, 21 days is perfect to experience a total transformation and 1 day is very good for those who decide to do it for the first time.

If you have any health problem such as diabetes, anemia, kidney problems, altered blood pressure... it is essential that you inform yourself well before starting.

During the days you decide to do your cleaning:

  • Avoid refined foods (white flour, white sugar...)
  • Avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol and caffeine
  • Avoid processed, fried and frozen foods
  • Minimize the consumption of meat and fish by completely eliminating fatty meats
  • Replace dairy products with almond milk, rice...
  • Drink lots of water, and water with lemon juice
  • Do not smoke
  • Include in your diet the fruits and vegetables that feel good to you. It is advisable to eat the vegetable grilled, boiled or in soups. Leafy greens, brussels sprouts, and cabbage are especially good for cleansing. Depending on the length of your diet, try to include a day of only fruits and vegetables. Eat local and seasonal fruit, apples, pineapple, papaya and pear are recommended.
  • Add toasted seeds to your recipes (sesame, pumpkin or sunflower seeds...) and dried fruits such as soaked dates, figs or plums.
  • Cook using spices. Coriander, cumin, fennel, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, curry leaves, cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, pink Himalayan salt, etc. Spices, in addition to having numerous benefits, help stimulate digestion and open the body's channels thus eliminating toxins.
  • Accompany your dishes with small amounts of basmati rice, brown rice, quinoa and barley, and avoid heavy cereals such as wheat, oats and all types of breads.
  • Eat lentils (moong) and legumes
  • It is best to eat at the same times every day, not skip meals, make lunch the main meal, and not overeat in general.

If you want to cleanse your blood and help your kidneys, you can boil some cut parsley for a maximum of 10 minutes (Do not leave it longer because parsley becomes toxic). Strain the water and let it cool. Drink a glass of parsley water a day for up to a week.
Attention: If you are pregnant, parsley in high doses can be abortive, so it is better to skip this.
Practice some aerobic exercise every day. Doing Yoga is ideal, especially twisting postures because they mobilize the detoxification of the organs

Rest, it is important to give the body hours of sleep. During a Detox cure our body is making a great effort to eliminate accumulated toxins and we must give it the necessary rest.

As a support, make a countdown, write every morning in a notebook on the day of the cure with a positive message. For example:

Day 21 of the countdown: Cleansing my body

Day 20 of the countdown: oxygenating my blood

Day 19 of the countdown: detoxifying my body

…like this until day 0 of the countdown.

This simple act will help you focus your mind, remember that the intention is as important as the process itself.

If you are interested in receiving recipes or have any questions, leave a comment.

Happy cleaning,

María Malo

* Buy local and organic
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Maria Malo