Last 15 of September, the planet was taken over by a green wave that started in the morning in Fiji and ended 24 hours later in American Samoa.

World clean up day had an unbelievable response, 162 countries joined the iniciative and approximately 18 million people volunteered in what turned out to be the largest social peaceful act in the history of mankind.

According to the world disaster alerts, there were six active tropical cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes that affected some of the participating countries. Philipines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Macao, Dominican Republic and several states in the US were affected and had to cancel their commitment to clean up because of the conditions. Once things settle again these 11 countries are going to resume their initiative to clean up, this will raise the numbers that have been collected thus far.

The largest participants have been Indonesia, Pakistan and the United States with 3.3,3, and 1.5 million participants. Kirgistan had the largest porcentage of participation in the cleaning act with 7%.

The importance is however not in the numbers but in the message that has been spread to billions of people around the globe.; World without waste.

In Spain; Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca y Mallorca. Fuerteventura y Tenerife. Granada, Málaga, Huelva, Sevilla y Cádiz. Comunidad Valenciana. Ourense y A coruña, Donostia, Bizkaia, Barrika, Enkarterri. Gijón, Valle del Tiétar, Valladolid y Burgos. Pamplona. Huesca y Zaragoza. Barcelona. Madrid. All of these places took part.

In Tarifa alone, between La Isla de Las Palomas and the dunes of Bolonia more than 300 people volunteered to clean the beaches, pine forests and town. Finding everything from household appliances to ciggarrete butts, and all types of plastics.

To end this world clean up day, many volunteers, other who spontaneously joined in while at the beach, joined together and merged in this grand act of loving our oceans in complete gratitude.

Here from Maria Malo we would like to thank the organizers as well as the volunteers and companies that supported the cause in this step towards a cleaner, healthier planet.

Thank you to Johnny Azpilicueta for your dedication and incredible effort to make this happen in Spain.

Let´s do it!


Stefan Schmidt

Pablo Winddoses



Maria Malo