Fisherman Pants


  • The most comfortable pants in your closet, we once again offer the classic "fisherman" this time made with sustainable Eco Lyco linen TENCEL™™ fabric. For hundreds of years, fishermen (and the rest of the people) have used very comfortable and light pants that are now known as Thai fisherman pants, fisherman pants, Thai pants, ... or กางเกงเล They are unisex, and generally one size fits all.
  • These Thai pants, have been out of Thailand for years and are used all over the world for these same reasons: they are very comfortable, cool and easy to wear (well, the first time you have to learn how to wear them 🙂 They are used to be on the beach, to be at home, by therapists for massages and consultations, to practice yoga or other exercises/sports (as they are wide they allow total freedom of movement). Given its breadth and adaptability, it can be used by women throughout the entire pregnancy period. They do not require much care and are unisex and one size fits all... you just have to choose the color.
  • Available in white, black and buttermilk .
  • Wash your clothes in cold water and do not use bleach or dryer, your pants and Mother Earth will thank you. T
  • hank you for choosing sustainable
Color: White