Lyco linen Shirt


A cool-wearing, short-sleeved shirt made from a lightweight, durable and highly breathable Lyco linen  TENCEL™, a luxurious sustainable and eco friendly  fabric that is as soft as linen but with a more fluid drape and wrinkle-resistant properties.
Slightly longer on the back and with a chest pocket this shirt with coconut buttons is then colored with a natural dyed in a clean closed-loop process.
Natural dyes are safer, gentler on the planet and can enhance our well-being through reconnecting us with the natural world. They are living colors and will change slightly over time, developing a sort of “patina”. This beautiful process is part of natural maturing of the of the color, and we are sure you will love it.
Plus, our Fair Trade factory supports local communities, making this a truly sustainable choice. Thank you for choosing to prioritize sustainability in your wardrobe.