Short Top Tencel™ Modal


  • Short top in Tencel™ Modal is a fabric made from wood – specifically the pulp of beech trees
  • Modal is considered to be an advanced form of Rayon – with superior flexibility, durability, softness and sustainability when compared to Rayon.
  • Tencel™ is a branded trademark, the fabric is known as Modal
  • It is one of the most sustainable and biodegradable of all fabrics
  • Comfort is also exceptional: Tencel™ Modal is super-soft, durable and flexible.
  • Sustainability & Comfort: a winning combination
  • Excellent sustainability and top comfort are a winning combination, so you can imagine why Tencel™ Modal is becoming a go-to for ethical and sustainable fashion brands. 
  • Short top is hand crafted with love in small workshops in Bali where fair trade is respected 
  • Slim fit Superior comfort extra soft to the touch 
  • Wash your clothes in cold water and do not use bleach or dryer, Mother Earth will thank you. 
  • Thank you for choosing sustainable