On the hunt for ethical dresses that are stunning and sustainable? We’ve got you covered.

Fast fashion has plagued our planet, purses, and perception of beauty for way too long now

But the good news? The curtain is being pulled back, and demand for ethical clothing is slowly starting to seep into our collective consciousness.

Unfortunately that doesn’t solve the eco-conscious fashionista’s dilemma of finding sustainably made dresses that- oh yeah, also look awesome (if you’re here reading this, you know the struggle is real).

That’s why we went ahead and solved all of your conscious clothing dilemmas with our collection of beautiful, ethical dresses.

Here’s what you need to know about our ethical dresses

We’re on a mission to change the way our world consumes fashion, particularly in relation to our número uno, Mama Nature. To that end, we’ve created a line of ethical dresses that are not only feminine, flowy, and fun to wear, but also sustainably made and crafted using organic materials (we’ll go into more detail on that later).

Each of the items on this list has been created with the greatest care and respect for the environment, and within that process, we’ve made sure that every article meets our seriously high quality standards- because fast fashion just ain’t our thing.

Psssst: if you’re keen to find out exactly how our dresses are made, we’ll explain that in detail at the end of the post.

From cheeky floral shorties to romantic ankle grazers, here’s a selection of gorgeous ethical dresses to add to your wardrobe:

8 gorgeous ethical dresses: Our selection

1.- Lolita dress

The Lolita’s short cut is equal parts feminine and fun, with just the right amount of sexy to boot. Featuring a playful palette of vermillion, pale pink, teal, and a floral pattern set off by a striking black background; our first ethical dress on the list is made with Tencel, a fully biodegradable, natural fabric

2.- Maxi long dress

For those of you who are constantly on the hunt for ultra-elegant dresses but aren’t willing to compensate on comfort, the maxi long dress has your name all over it. This ankle length dress is flowy, light, and amazingly comfortable thanks to its relaxed fit, and is available in black floral or leopard print.

This beautiful, ethical dress is crafted from tencel, which is made up of wood fibres extracted from renewable cellulosic plants like beech trees, eucalyptus, pine trees, and bamboo. Because she’s made with natural botanic fibres she’s also incredibly soft on your skin.

3.- Button up dress

Made of 100% biodegradable tencel and the softest silk, the button up dress features a mini plunging neckline and a slim fit. Take your pick between the mini and midi versions; she’s available in classic black, leopard, and vintage floral (with that gorgeous robin’s egg blue background).

4.- Silk dress

With a dramatic backless cut and ruched detail on the front, the silk dress could just as easily be worn for a raunchy night out as it could for a relaxed afternoon sipping lattes and catching up with your besties.

With an eye for sustainability, this ethical dress is made with natural silk, so the fabric is beautifully soft to the touch. And with a bit of extra stretch added in for good measure, she’s super comfy- even when you’re full-speed stomping around town checking things off your to-do list.

Take your pick between leopard print and vintage floral.

5.- Organic bamboo T dress

Bamboo is blimmin’ fantastic stuff; seriously! We reckon it might just be one of the world’s most sustainable resources (find out why in our mini-guide to organic bamboo). Nowadays, we see this magical plant being put to the test for a whole spectrum of uses- toothbrushes, buildings, heck- we even eat the stuff.

In case you hadn’t heard the latest, bamboo is also a phenomenal material to use for clothing. It’s silky soft, breathable, moisture wicking, and thermal regulating- which is particularly great for hot, humid climates.

This organic bamboo T dress is all of the above and sooo much more, baby. Featuring a super relaxed fit and a subtle, natural sheen, this ethical dress is a staple piece for any conscious shoppers’ wardrobe.

6.- Lisa dress

This classic button down number takes ‘little black dress’ to the next level. It’s simple enough to dress up or down depending on the occasion; yet with its top to bottom string of buttons and iconic V-neck cut, it’s rocking some seriously unique vibes.

The Lisa dress is made with tencel and silk, which- as well as making the fabric feel insanely soft- is also super practical. The natural botanic fibres that make up the tencel fabric are seriously good at absorbing moisture and allowing your skin to breathe- perfect for ladies who are always on the go.

7.- Lili long dress

Wrap dresses- who doesn’t love them?! They’re totally timeless, and thanks to the fact that the Lili long dress is made with high quality tencel rayon, you know this ethical dress is built to last.

The dress features midi sleeve length, a deep plunging neckline, and a cinched waist- perfect for highlighting your beautiful curves.

8.- Flirty dress

With a flicky hemline and a mid-length cut, this super flattering number is the ideal addition to anyone’s collection. Thin spaghetti straps give the piece a summery feel, while the punchy floral pattern adds a playful yet feminine vibe to the mix.

The Flirty Dress is made with 100% biodegradable tencel rayon, so it’s ultra-comfortable, light, and comfortable to wear in any climate.


How are our ethical dresses made?

Each of the dresses in our collection is made with natural, sustainably sourced, organic materials. From the softest silk to breathable bamboo, each dress is a statement of respect and care for our planet.

The raw materials that go into our dresses, such as bamboo and eucalyptus, are among the fastest growing resources in the entire world- making them extraordinarily sustainable to use in the production of our ethical dresses.

As you’ve seen above, the majority of our dresses are crafted using TENCEL® rayon, which has actually won awards for its revolutionary eco-friendliness. Each time a tree is harvested for tencel production, it’s done sustainably and with great care for the surrounding ecosystem. On top of that, tencel farmland is typically located on sites where other kinds of agricultural farming could never take place due to the unsuitability of the land.

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Maria Malo