I believe a lot of you are on vacation and you might even be dropping by here, so I am going to use the opportunity to tell you the Maria Malo story. That way, if you to happen to stop by, you will know what you are getting into.

This is a space that came about by the necessity of uniting my respect towards nature and my love for fashion in the same project.

An international showcase for a way of life, ecologically sound, sustainable and feasible in economic matters.

Tarifa is an intense place, one needs to know how to navigate her in order to last many years. You either embrace it here completely or end up loosing your sanity. It has its exotic beauty as well as a Andalucían fusion mixed with a melting pot of  the rest of the world. It's vibrant light, strong winds, pristine white beaches, wild nature and sudden temporary silence forms part of the magic that made me realize my dream here.

In the very center of the old Town, right where Calle de La Luz meets the carriageway,  is a small corner store with the name Maria Malo, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Inside the store, the counter as well as the shelves are made from refurbished woods. The coat racks are made of bamboo cane hanging from the ceilings using Hemp rope. The curtains are of natural cotton and the walls are covered in bamboo panels with vegetable paper adorned with palm leaves, all of this gently decorated with ferns, geraniums and succulents.

Our shopping bags are made from recycled materials, our hangers made of wood and our business cards are full of life. Simply plant one and they will flower daisies.

Here our standards are based on natural ecosystem. We take the time to give back.

I'd like to live like the indigenous tribes, that walked this earth without a trace. I want to live in a world where nature does not need to be protected from humans.

When you stop by, take some time to look at the details... Get involved in our campaigns "greenvasion" and "I care". Stop and feel the soft textures of our organic bamboo, come appreciate our bikinis made from recycled plastics or feel our silky dresses and see the pictures above... You will surely come across some wild hang, pianist or street musician play on our corner that will blow your mind.

See you soon.


Maria Malo