The Ocean Spell

I have read that solidarity is healthy, not sure how they connect, I believe what is truly healthy is accepting oneself for how one is.

The day I stopped blaming others for everything that was happening is when I started to look at myself in great detail and recognized that the conflict was within me. That is when a true change happened and my life started changing for the better. I suddenly took the back seat and stopped being the one in control, I let go of my need to change the world and observed with great detail how I alone was generating the conflict. I tried thousands of different therapies and realized that I don't need to contort my body, or sing mantras, nor lock myself up in a temple or take part in ceremonies that blow up my brain cells to find peace.  

One day I simply stopped wanting to be something other than what I was, I started observing in me "what is" without wanting to change it.  Fine tuning my ear not to skip a note  of the multiple games of my mind; The shy one, the showoff, the one that is trapped in the night, the one that explodes, the one that stamps her feet when she has had enough, the magician, the unsociable one, the intense one, the one that marvels about flying fish, the one who barks at gossipers when they don't stop and the one that gets overwhelmed with schedules....the more I observe myself, the more surprised I become about how little I know myself. And the more I accept myself, the conflict dissipates.

I believe that solidarity is a human condition that arises from sharing a common goal, not in a neurotic way, nor according to principle, ideology or commitment but inherent to life and being truly free.

"I care" was born from our sense of solidarity, a campaign that we have created to financially support the organization Ocean Care. That together with some other organizations around the world, throw rescuing nets to save animals, that unfortunately, are trapped by human waste.

Your money spent to save lives as well as owning a beautiful t-shirt created by our standards of sustainability, in a fair exchange of giving something back. Our creativity and the money going towards a beautiful service of saving lives.

Enjoy the journey





Maria Malo