As the sun sinks below the westerly hills on these September evenings, there’s an undeniable chill in the air -- as if summer is reminding us that her shift is nearly over. 

But as we wave goodbye to long hot days and balmy nights, we welcome the approaching summer equinox (the crossing of the sun over the equator from north to south) and the new times that it’ll bring.

With changing seasons on the brain, we thought we’d roll out a helpful guide to choosing some pieces from our sustainable, organic clothing collection to help take your carefully selected wardrobe from summer to autumn -- this year and for many years to come.

Organic bamboo underwear

If you’re anything like us, once you make the switch to organic bamboo undies you won’t ever look back. These have become an absolute staple in my wardrobe for both day and night (yep, I admit my high waisted knickers are now my preferred pyjama bottoms!). 

If you’ve never worn bamboo fabric before, let us fill you in a tiny bit:

When woven into fabric form, organic bamboo is super soft, sweat wicking, and gentle on the skin. It’s a fab choice if you’ve got sensitive skin or find yourself constantly at war with the uncomfortability of your “nice” (read: lacy, thong, or otherwise highly impractical) underwear. These bamboo undies are nice and comfy -- game changer.

Take your pick between the skimpier brazilian seamless underwear or the retro-inspired high waisted undies

The collection also includes bras/bralettes (yay for all of us who hate underwiring!) in cuts ranging from sporty body tops to plunging crop tops. Everything comes in a big range of colours and prints, so have a snoop around to find the one that matches your vibe.

Lolita mini dress

A short, flirty dress that works just as well in summer with flip flops as it does in autumn paired with a chunky knit cardi and a pair of boots. Our Lolita mini dress is made of Tencel lyocell, a wholly sustainable and biodegradable alternative to traditional rayon.

(Pssst: read up on the nitty gritty details of why we choose to use Tencel Lyocell and other sustainable materials -- like organic bamboo, econyl, and eucalyptus -- in our collection).

The dress has all the flowiness and softness that you’d expect from a rayon dress, but thanks to the fact that it’s made of wood pulp from sustainably harvested, fast-growing trees, it’s much kinder to Mama Nature.
The dress features a flicky hemline with an A-line cut and a super-low scooped back with a little looping detail from the straps. Sexy, feminine, and easy to wear -- so basically all the good things. She comes in a range of colours and prints, but our favourite trans-seasonal pick is the black vintage floral version.





Gypsy mini dress

Sticking with the short cuts for one more entry on our list, the Gysy mini dress is one of our absolute faves when it comes to trans-seasonal times. 

Why? Because she’s got long sleeves!

Like the Lolita dress above (and many other items in our collection) the gypsy mini dress is made of Tencel rayon, and every stitch has been made with sustainability in mind. As such, the dress is mega high quality, totally comfy, and her floaty cut is sure to evoke your inner hippy.

Pair the gypsy mini dress with strappy sandals in the summer and ankle boots, a thick jumper, and a vintage hat for the fall season.

Lovely Lolita dress

A fabulous dress that works her magic from day to night, depending on how you accessorize.

Her off-the-shoulder cut is equal parts sexy and elegant. Combined with the midi-length cut (which is an especially good choice if you’re not so comfortable with above-the-knee dresses) and we reckon this is one of the most flattering dresses you can pick to fill out your summer/autumn capsule wardrobe.

The lovely Lolita dress is made of 100% organic bamboo. The fabric is hard wearing, easy to clean, and temperature controlling -- so it does a good job of keeping you cool in the summer heat and snugglier than your average cotton dress in autumn.
Grab this one in classic black for a real capsule wardrobe winner.


Organic bamboo hoodies

Now by my own admission, I’m a hoodie hoarder; but when I first wore an organic bamboo hoodie I pretty much knew it was time to retire the rest. 

These hoodies are so soft. SO comfy. And so incredibly warming -- even though the material feels quite light. What impressed me most, though, is that the inside of the hoodie (the softest part) retains its lovely fluffy texture even after a bunch of washes in the washing machine. Brilliant.

Nothing like a cosy pullover to take you from the sunkissed days of lying on the beach to the nippier evenings of the approaching winter. Grab an organic bamboo hoodie for yourself and rest assured it’ll be the last time you’ll need to invest in one for many years to come.


Oversized ¾ sleeves

These loose fitting, slouchy shirts are an absolute winner for anyone who loves a good casual chic look. Made of sustainable rayon, the relaxed fit is perfectly paired with a pair of vintage jeans on those days where it’s a little bit too warm for a cardigan, and too cold for shorts. 

Bag yourself a ¾ length beauty in our favourite sailor stripes and rock those nautical vibes from summer through autumn each year.



Maria Malo