Speaking of sustainability through the language of art.

Speaking of sustainability through the language of art.

We’ve added a few staple items to the arsenal, all of which are made with our signature sustainable fabrics, are ethically produced by our friends and artisans in Bali, and...
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El uso del algodón no es solo una cuestión medioambiental, es una cuestión de derechos humanos.

Using Cotton isn’t just an Environmental Issue, it’s a Human Rights One.

Tencel Long Tank Tshirt   Your cotton t-shirt cost you $10, but what did it cost the planet? Long have we at Maria Malo harped on about the benefits of...
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Eco Denim, nuestro nuevo tejido favorito.

Eco Denim Might Just Be Our New Favourite Fabric - Here’s Why.

At Maria Malo we choose to work with ecological TENCEL jeans, a sustainable fabric composed of mixed wood fibers, such as eucalyptus, that is, fast-growing plants and trees that regenerate quickly, they do not need to be harvested because they grow naturally and to those that use very low impact production techniques.

TENCEL production also wins points for its low water use compared to cotton production.

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Transformar Creando

Transforming by creating

Today, my dear and admired virtual friend Koko, discovers with his work a reality that is far from being in balance and invites us to reflect not only in relation to our waste in the sea.

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Paisley Power_ la historia del estampado icónico y su lugar en nuestra colección

Paisley Power: The History of the Iconic Print & its Place in Our New Collection

  What do the Beatles, psychedelics, and India all have in common? Well, unsurprisingly to anyone who’s grown up with the influence of modern mindfulness and the swingin’ 60s, quite...
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Sí, somos un proyecto de moda ética y sostenible y sí, vendemos algunas piezas de cuero_ aquí está el por qué

Yes, We’re an Ethical & Sustainable Business and Yes, We Still Sell some Leather shoes : Here’s Why

Yes, we are an ethical and sustainable fashion project and yes, we sell some leather pieces_ here's why

Talking about the Big Issues (environmentalism, activism, sustainability, ethics) can be uncomfortable. Opinions differ. Definitions differ. The moral bases differ. All of that is fine, more than fine, in fact, it is a necessity, and we want to begin a conscious, educational and collaborative discussion with you on these topics.

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Positividad pandémica: la campaña que cambia la forma en la que respondemos al coronavirus

Pandemic Positivity: The Campaign that Changed the way We Respond to Coronavirus

It’s challenging to begin a blog post that aims to share positivity and hopefulness with words like ‘pandemic’ and ‘coronavirus’. In the process of becoming household terms of 2020, these words have taken on such a weight, a heaviness -- and the fact that you can’t seem to open up social media or turn on the TV without being bombarded by them makes it even more overwhelming.

So let’s not linger there. This post isn’t about

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Y mientras los Seres humanos paramos a meditar ... la Naturaleza se regenera.

And while human beings stop to meditate, Nature regenerates.

While on the other side of the planet all my loved ones have been in confinement for long weeks, today in Bali the new year is celebrated on a day of silence, it is Nyepi. (This year by government decision it will be two days)

Tradition indicates that the Balinese must abstain from any activity for 24 hours and is summarized in 4 “amati”

Amati geni (refrain from lighting fires or lights)
Amati karya (refrain from work)
Amati lelanguan (refrain from leisure activities)
Amati lelungan (refrain from leaving home)

It is time to practice meditation and fasting, for spiritual purification through self-control and introspection.

Maria Malo
Sintonizando con nuestra Feminidad Divina, tejidos ecológicos y reflexiones de Febrero

Tuning into Divine Femininity, Eco Fabrics, and February Musings

We believe the world is experiencing a renaissance. A leap. A giant shift in consciousness. For way too long, feminine qualities (not to mention women themselves) have been cast off and hidden away in favour of the masculine.. The balance is shifting today, lovelies, and if there’s anything we’d like you to take from this little post is our invitation to tap into your wild side, your feminine side, your sacred centre. Give yourself permission to heal, nurture, tune in.

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Organic Bamboo Underwear is the Best Thing We’ve Worn in Forever

Organic Bamboo Underwear is the Best Thing We’ve Worn in Forever

Organic bamboo underwear SHOP HERE Organic bamboo underwear is everything I never knew I needed. Readers of our blog will know that organic bamboo is one of our absolute favourite...
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Piezas transestacionales para pasar de verano a otoño con estilo (¡y de manera sostenible!)

Trans-Seasonal Pieces to Take you from Summer to Autumn in Style (and Sustainably!)

With changing seasons on the brain, we thought we’d roll out a helpful guide to choosing some pieces from our sustainable, organic clothing collection to help take your carefully selected wardrobe from summer to autumn -- this year and for many years to come

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Esta línea de trajes de baño sostenibles es todo lo que tu Eco sirena  interior necesita

This Sustainable Swimwear Line is Everything Your Inner Eco Mermaid Needs

This post will walk you through the gorgeous sustainable bikinis (both sets and singles) and swimsuits that we’ve just launched; all of which are made out of 100% recycled materials and produced fairly and ethically.

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