5 sencillas maneras  de ayudar a salvar a las abejas

5 Simple Ways You Can Help Save the Bees

As dire as it sounds, efforts are being made on a global scale to combat the damage that’s been done. Countries around the world are adopted bans on single use plastic; massive tree planting campaigns are taking place from the furthest corners of rural India to Europe’s most central cities; and the global pressure to begin running environmentally sound businesses is higher than ever.

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Crea tu armario cápsula y no mirarás atrás (en serio!)

Create a Capsule Wardrobe and You’ll Never Look Back (No, but Seriously!)

nspired by the world’s explosive interest in minimalism, today we’re talking about the magical concept of a capsule wardrobe -- and why it might literally change your life forever.

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Ropa consciente más allá del armario_ Presentamos nuestras bolsas de yuca, etiquetas de semillas y otras opciones sostenibles.

Conscious Clothing Beyond the Wardrobe: Introducing our Cassava bags, seed Tags & Sustainable Choices

Any of you who follow along with our work at Maria Malo will know that we’re hell-bent on finding practical, actionable ways of improving things when it comes to our environmental impact.


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Ropa ética asequible

Affordable Ethical Clothing

Affordable Ethical Clothing: A Conscious Consumer’s Guide to Shopping in 2019

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Un abanico de ropa ética deportiva para tu armario Eco-Warrior

A Range of Ethical Sportswear for Your Eco-Warrior Wardrobe

Looking for ethical sportswear that’s sustainable, fair trade, and looks awesome? Maria Malo’s got you covered (literally)


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Entre flores y polvo de estrellas

Between Flowers and Stardust

Spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere, the outburst of beauty returns with the awakening of Nature.

Walk with Maria Malo thought the procces and discover “Between Flowers and Stardust” SS 2019

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Buscando ropa de yoga orgánica? Te presentamos los 5 imprescindibles para tu colección.

Searching for organic yoga clothing? Here’s 5 must-haves for your collection

Stretching, sweating, and serious stamina; yoga asks a lot of your body- and if there’s one thing any yogi worth their weight in zen knows, it’s that your yoga clothes need to be up to the task, too.

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14 de Febrero, San Valentín

Feb 14, Valentine's Day

Sustainable gifts for all lovers

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Unas capas de bambú orgánico

A few layers of organic bamboo

Looking for sustainable fabrics that will keep you really warm in the cold? Quality bamboo clothing is soft, stylish and sustainable. It keeps you warm by trapping your own body heat and you´ll look amazing.

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8 magníficos vestidos éticos para agregar a tu armario

8 Gorgeous Ethical Dresses to add to Your Wardrobe

These ethical dresses have all been sustainably made using materials such as organic bamboo, natural silk, and TENCEL® rayon. They’re the ultimate addition to any conscious shoppers’ collection!

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Hemos venido a dormir

We have come to Sleep

Let me tell you a story, or two…. The one of the sadness that lies within me and the one of the story I create to live in peace with...
Maria Malo
La guerrera con corazón de luna

The warrior with the heart of the moon

It has been about two months now that I have been delving inwards. I have closed my eyes in order to see more clearly and I have come to realize...
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